Consortium Officers

  • Consortium Chair - Ms. Gali Malkiel, ECI
  • Technical Committee Chair - Dr. Yaakov (J) Stein, RAD
  • Committee member - Mr. Avi Gal, Gilat
  • Committee member - Mr. Ariel Adam, Ceragon


Working Group Chairs

  • Use Cases WG Chair - Mr. Ariel Adam, Ceragon
  • SDN WG Chair - Mr. Yitzhak Aizner, ECI
  • NFV WG Chair - Dr. Yaakov (J) Stein, RAD
  • Orchestration WG Chair - Mr. Raanan Tzemach, BATM


Technical Management

  • Project Leader - Mr. Udi Dahan
  • OCS Coordinator - Mr. Avi Silber
  • OCS Examiner - Mr. Dror Nechushtan
  • OCS Examiner - Mr. Ofer Goldhirsh
  • Financial Officer - Mr. Nimrod Shaham


Board Members

  • Ms. Gali Malkiel, ECI
  • Mr. Avi Gal, Gilat
  • Dr. Yaakov (J) Stein, RAD
  • Mr. Ariel Adam, Ceragon
  • Mr. Eyal Ben Saadon, ADVA
  • Mr. Raanan Tzemach, BATM
  • Mr. Doron Solomon, Asocs Networks
  • Mr. David Mozes, Mellanox
  • Mr. Yaniv Dayan, Bezeq International
  • Mr. Alex Gordon, Technion


NEPTUNE Working Groups

(use cases)

Network Abstraction (SDN)

Resource Virtualization (NFV)


Technological Committee

The Neptune project performs its work in four working groups: Solutions (use cases), Network Abstraction (SDN), Resource Virtualization (NFV) And Orchestration, In addition, there is a Technological Committee, and at any given time there may be ad-hoc research teams.

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