The Neptune consortium consists of leading Israeli equipment vendors, service providers, and research institutions.
Neptune is funded under the "Magnet" (Generic Research) program of the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Israel Ministry of Economy.
The project started work in June 2014, and is expected to run between 3 and 5 years.

Neptune aims to develop efficient methods to automate and programmatically manage service provider networks, by exploiting Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technologies.

Neptune's vision is attain an Automagically configured Network, one where network planning is replaced by network programming.
This will necessitate a totally new network architecture, and sophisticated real-time multilayer network optimization techniques.

Topics currently being researched include:

  • Automatic and dynamic network resource allocation
  • Multilayer and cross-layer network resource optimization
  • Distributed NFV and the virtualized CPE (vCPE)
  • Joint SDN and NFV optimized orchestration
  • Fast setup of complex services including network path computation and virtual function placement
  • Coexistence amd migration from conventional networks to new SDN/NFV empowered networks

NEPTUNE Working Groups

(use cases)

Network Abstraction (SDN)

Resource Virtualization (NFV)


Technological Committee

The Neptune project performs its work in four working groups: Solutions (use cases), Network Abstraction (SDN), Resource Virtualization (NFV) And Orchestration, In addition, there is a Technological Committee, and at any given time there may be ad-hoc research teams.

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