Working Groups

Solutions (use cases)

The Solutions WG is responsible for:

  • defining network programming scenarios (proposed by Neptune members)
  • choosing scenarios to be simulated in the Neptune demonstration platform
  • definition and management of the Neptune demonstration platform
  • terminology to be used by the project


Network Abstraction (SDN)

The network abstraction WG researches:

  • network abstraction for network automation
  • new SDN-enabled network architectures
  • southbound SDN interfaces
  • optimization algorithms for path computation
  • multilayer (optical, satellite, RAN, metro, packet) optimization


Resource Virtualization (NFV)

The resource virtualization WG researches:

  • the effect of NFV on network architectures
  • advantages, disadvantages, and constraints of virtualization and placement of network functions
  • optimization algorithms for VNF placement
  • service function chaining
  • APIs required for NFV
  • heterogenous (legacy and NFV-based) networks and network evolution
  • security aspects of NFV-enabled networks


Technological Committee

The tasks delegated to the technological committee include:

  • tracking work in standardization organizations and other research teams
  • coordinating relations between Neptune industrial and academic partners
  • proposing acceptance of new members to the Neptune board of directors

At present there are two ad-hoc research teams:

Network Optimization Challenges research team

This team (comprising participants from RAD, Ceragon, Adva, Gilat, Bezeq-Beinleumi) is working on a document detailing:

  • typical network topologies
  • unified framework for generating optimization benchmarks


SDN Controller Evaluation research team

This ad-hoc team (comprising participants from RAD, Ceragon, Gilat, Mellanox, Elbit, and JCT) is working on a document

  • detailing existing open source and commercial SDN controllers
  • defining criteria for controller comparison (carrier-grade features, scalability, performance, etc.)
  • evaulation of subset of controllers

NEPTUNE Working Groups

(use cases)

Network Abstraction (SDN)

Resource Virtualization (NFV)


Technological Committee

The Neptune project performs its work in four working groups: Solutions (use cases), Network Abstraction (SDN), Resource Virtualization (NFV) And Orchestration, In addition, there is a Technological Committee, and at any given time there may be ad-hoc research teams.

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